The holiday season often slows the business process to a crawl and some business owners will just acknowledge the best business tactic the last two weeks in December is to just smile.  While you are smiling, here are things to do:

1.  Listen to customers with good ideas. Listen to customers with bad ideas, too – often there is a pearl of wisdom from the disgruntled customer.

2.  Find something positive to say to each of your employees and peers.

4.  Keep tabs on the cash.  Manage your cash registers, cash deposits and the people doing these activities carefully.

Attention now will pay rewards in your satisfaction with your business come January.

Wishing you every happiness this Christmas Season and prosperity in the New Year and thank you for being our or reader. We appreciate all your responses and look forward to a wonderful 2013.

Special Holidays by Joanna Fuchs
We’re thinking of you this time of year,
Wishing you happiness, joy, and cheer.
May all your days be warm and bright,
And your nights enhanced by holiday light. 

Enjoy your delectable holiday foods,
As parties and gifts create holiday moods.
Favorite people play a meaningful part,
While treasured rituals warm your heart. 

You are special to us in many ways,
So we wish you Happy Holidays!