When thinking about being successful, a good way to start is by surrounding ourselves with things that will emulate what we believe is successful. Hang out with smart, talented and creative people. Check out and read some great books. No time for books, listen to audio books or programs. Eating lunch alone, find people you’d like to meet and interview them over lunch. By creating opportunity and optimism, we will be shaped by these things. So, get started with a few simple tricks:

  1. Spend time with dynamic people that will help you move forward,
  2. Build a plan for the next twelve months that stretches your outcomes,
  3. Carve out several hours a week to work on the future, and
  4. Finally, identify and stay away from dream dashers – if you need a reality check, hire a coach or counselor. 

Mr. Masaaki Imai, with his book “KAIZEN, the Key to Japan’s Competitive Success”  explained that about ninety-five percent of the people in this world have absolutely no interest in taking action to improve their lives – we have the choice to be the exception!