If you feel conflicted sometimes after making a business decision, you are not alone.

Any business desiring long term viability will need to maintain profitability. Meeting customer needs while keeping staff, contractors, vendors or other stakeholders happy will always be a balancing act. Listening to each constituency with your 3 hearts will help. And what are those hearts?

  • Heart – that sentimental place we believe kindness, empathy and love exist.
  • Mind – the rational heart, the logic driven brain that weighs the options;
  • Gut – your instinct or intuition.

Each plays a part in making decisions and when we feel conflicted, it is often because we have not listened to all three.

Before making weighty decisions, listen with your 3 hearts. An action made after this introspection will often be the best solution, keep customers returning, and save future resources which should enhance profitability. 

Pausing for a moment and thinking “Heart-Mind-Gut” may get you on the path to fewer “If only I’d done __________. ” 

What do you do to help make thoughtful decisions?