Yearly evaluations can be just as nerve racking for you as it is for your staff. Having some kind of order can help ease your staff into expectations while giving them a chance to communicate their concerns. Both parties are looking for ways to make your business run a little smoother while keeping their sanity. 

Here is a simple way to outline your next evaluation;

First, be fair and honest. The only way to make sure your staff knows the direction you want them to go is to tell them. Start the meeting off with the direction you would like them to go into and ask if they feel they can make some changes. This approach allows both of you to feel a little more at ease instead of defensive. Have each of your staff fill out their own evaluations of their job and of their overall experience. Allowing your staff to address their concerns will open the lines of communication and make them feel their voices are being heard. Be open to hearing a little constructive criticism, there may be ways to improve morale and productivity that you have overlooked.

Next, get down to the details.  It is here where you need to be honest and address situations that need to be taken care of. Whether it is web surfing or just plain lack of motivation, you owe it to your staff member as well as your business to bring it to their attention. Just remember to keep your cool and not play the blame game, talk in a casual and collected manner and don’t be over bearing.

Walk away from your meeting on a positive note by bringing up any strengths and/or positive feedback. Now is the time for any financial incentives they have earned for the year to be discussed. This meeting should take place at the end of your financial year so you know whether or not your staff will be getting any bonuses or awards.

Always end your evaluations on a positive note. Staff evaluations are not a time for lay-offs or firing. These meetings are for the staff you want to keep on board and continue to grow with. Any staff member that needs to be let go of should have been addressed immediately and not held onto for evaluation.