“We obtain brilliant results from average people operating brilliant processes. But we observe that most companies obtain mediocre or worse results from brilliant people working around broken processes.”– JP Womack 

When systems or processes are put in place they usually have a purpose.  Over time, that purpose may become outmoded and ingrained.  Be a nuisance in your company – a hater of bureaucracy.  Be willing to ask “Why do we do that?” when you hear about a procedure that causes inefficiencies. 

This week, take one bottleneck in your business and look at it through new eyes.  Ask “Why doesn’t it work brilliantly?”  Then ask “Why” to the answer again and again.  Often when you ask “why” repeatedly you will find the root cause of the problem.  Now for that one bottleneck, ask for help from the average people that work for you and with you.  Building your business one brilliant processes or system at a time will lead to a repeatable, teachable, profitable business.  Find out how repeatable your processes are at: http://tinyurl.com/GetMyScore