Summer is almost here and it has been one beautiful day after another. Many staff members as well as managers are turning their thoughts to golf, vacation, and other outdoor activities. Summertime temperatures may make you feel your staff has come to a slow crawl but, it’s actually a great opportunity to cultivate your staff’s commitment to your organization’s success. Here is how to keep yours and your staff”s attention during higher temperatures.

Embrace and Acknowledge

Use the great weather to enhance you staff member’s attitudes by allowing changes that will get them in a better mood. Studies have shown that people who get sunlight on a regular basis also maintain better dispositions. Here are a few ideas:

  • Encourage outdoor lunches or offer an ice cream break every so often
  • Allow a staff member who has been working really hard or getting frustrated to go for a brief walk
  • If possible let your staff leave an hour early on Friday if all goals for the week have been met
  • Institute casual Fridays
  • Offer paid time off for volunteer work within your community
  • Create a “playroom” that allows for video games, personal calls, ping pong or other activities to give a mental break during lunch
  • Put together company outings that you know your staff will enjoy
  • Create a sports team of your choice and challenge other local businesses

Keep responsibility intact

While allowing a few loopholes in the way you run your company during nicer weather, do not forget that you are still running a business. Staff members still have responsibilities and should not be given a free pass for nice weather.

Happy Summer!