I recently read an interesting article about Ferrari putting a stop to emails containing more than three recipients. Why? Because it is counterproductive, too many emails in the inbox causes people to loose focus on what is really important.
Think about the emails you receive on a daily basis, how many of those emails really pertain to what you need to be doing and how many of the emails that you send really need to be sent to everyone?
Sure, it’s great to be able to copy important people in an email to “keep them in the loop” but wouldn’t it be better to fill them in over lunch or at a meeting?
Before you shoot off your next mass email, consider the following:
Does this person really need to be copied?
Does this person play a part in this particular email?
Is this email important or is it something I can say later?
Does this email require a reply?
Am I sending this email to the right people?
Is this an appropriate email for work?
Also, remember to never send an email off in anger. Type your email, walk away and read it tomorrow, better yet, don’t type in anger. It never works out in the end.