Think of your Vision Statement as a picture of your company at some point in the future – maybe 2, 3 or 5 years.  A vision is a way to articulate your dreams and hopes for your business while quantifying the expected results with a realistic “on or before date”.  It reminds us of what we are building.  To create a vision takes some time and serious thought. This statement will not tell you how you will get there but it will set the direction for your business strategy or plan.  Often knowing your Mission or Core Values will be very helpful.

Let your imagination go and dream big – you want to capture your passion. Unlike the Mission Statement, the Vision statement will have a huge influence on decision making and is not instructional for your clients or customers.  Since a Vision is off in the future, having a date when it will be achieved will by more dynamic than just “three years from now” as now is an ever changing destination.

Here is a Vision Crafting Tool you may find helpful in Crafting Your Vision. Business_Visioning   <–click to download a pdf tool and enjoy.