Everyday vehicle disasters can lose you business and leave you sitting in the middle of nowhere. Summer, being the causal time and construction time, can lead to time lost unexpectedly. But the unexpected can be helped. Cell phones have really helped with being able to voicemail, text or call to let your next appointment know that you are on your way, but having an emergency kit is a must. I always carry jumper cables, a flashlight, a small toolkit, tire inflator, water, radiator fluid, duct tape and electrician’s tape. Hand cleaner and an oversized shirt are a must if you still plan to make that meeting.

Being prepared is never old fashioned.  Check out your auto store for pre-made kits.

 Carver County Minnesota has a great checklist to get you started: Auto Emergency Checklist  I can personally say that when stuck in sand or snow, floor mats will also work in a pinch.

Allstate has details on their blog:  Emergency Car Kit

You will enjoy your travels when you have tools to keep you on time and ready for business.