It’s the twenty-third of the month and guess what…you missed the discount on your sales tax AGAIN! Every month it seems that you get just a little behind and miss one deadline or another. So what is eating away at your precious time?

Bookkeeping, unscheduled conversations, answering phones, and possibly picking up office supplies here and there are probably your biggest culprits. So why not contract them out or hire an employee to take care of it?

If you feel you time is worth $100 or more per hour would you be willing to spend a quarter of that to get a real productive hour of work done? Delegating or contracting out things that have to get done is not wasting money. In fact, in the long run it makes you money.

As a business owner you are your most valuable asset. So think about what it would be worth for you to get the things that need to be done, done and not have to do all of the dirty work. What is YOUR time worth? Check out this tool to help you find what you can outsource or delegate in your business. What_Is_Your_Time_Worth