“Where has the time gone?” It’s a question we have all asked ourselves dozens of times. Time suck starts in seconds and can eventually eat up hours of our day. You may not even realize when it’s happening. It’s that quick conversation you had at the water cooler that took up five minutes, an email from a friend turned into reading and replying frenzy taking over an hour, and let’s not even think about how much time was wasted on things like social media and texting.

Looking back on your day many of you may not put into the calculation the minutes it took you writing texts and having those small side conversations. Who would? It was only a minute or two! It is these little individual conversations, whether it’s face to face, texting, emailing or posting that could add up to a larger amount of time lost than you thought. 

Not a texter, no computer, no friends, you could still have time sucks in your day. If you have a large commute time traveling around during the day or just from work to home and back again, meetings that may take hours, especially if you really don’t need to be in attendance, television (do I need to go into detail about what a time suck television is?), and dealing with unanticipated problems that arise throughout the day can all suck away valuable time.

Recently, in my own little time suck of internet browsing, I came across this time killers article from officetime.net. It shows the biggest time killers and how to combat them. You can even find out if you are a last minute, fear or a decisional procrastinator (I’m a last minute procrastinator, shhh). 

So in the spirit of wasting time, and by that I mean research, yeah, research here is the infographic! 

Time Suck

Time Killers by Officetime.net