“That which does not destroy us makes us stronger.”   – NietzschePDCA

Most businesses want to grow and often they use a fuzzy approach.  If you’ve ever used a telescope, you learn very quickly that even a slight move of the scope will put you light years away from where you want to view.  Compound that by focusing in on the wrong celestial body and you will spend a lifetime never viewing what you targeted at the start. 

That same careful focus can be used in a business to focus on your most profitable products, services and customers.  The better you can spotlight  what brings your firm profit, the better you will be able to convert it to marketing and sales sense. A narrow focus will pique the interest of future customers. 

 Having a plan is step ONE, but keeping ON plan requires persistence and these five steps:

  1. Goals of your plan
  2. Resources to achieve the goals
  3. Commitment to the plan and goals
  4. Evaluation of actions
  5. Identify challenges to the plan when they are small

Staying on top of your business does require looking where you have been to know if where you are going is in the right solar system.  To be a great astronomer, they are constantly are Planning where to look, Doing the looking, Checking that they are looking where they thought they should be and finally Acting on this new information.  PDCA

Have a great week and Make it So!