If you want to get in on the Holiday sales rush advertising some deals may be a good idea. Unfortunately, like many small businesses, if you haven’t budgeted for marketing you may be looking at a very small amount to work with.

Let me tell you about some money saving ideas for those of you that are on a tight budget (or just like to save a few extra bucks).

  1. Self-advertising. If you mail out anything, put in a flyer with a special deal. If you don’t use any type of mailing, place the ads directly in the customer’s bag along with their purchase. At this time of year almost everyone is looking for ways to save money so make your advertisement or coupon worth the customer returning.
  2. Team up with local businesses. Do you know your business neighbors? If not, get to know them and put together a sidewalk sale, split the cost of advertising or share money saving ideas together. Two heads are better than one and more heads are even better.
  3. Survey Says. Get your customers to tell you why they shopped with you. A simple “how did you hear about us?” is a great way to find out how customers found your business. You can also ask a few satisfaction questions while you ring your customers order up. Have a slip of paper ready to jot down responses.  
  4. Hire family. If you have a few extra older children, nieces or nephews, hire them to pass out flyers during special events in your community. Make sure they are able to handle some questions in case they are asked.
  5. Become a member. Get involved in your local Chamber and attend meetings. It’s a great way to network and hear ideas from other businesses. If you don’t have time to attend meetings, appoint someone else.
  6. Start a newsletter. Ask customers for their email address and add them to your newsletter. Have a “special savings” for those who receive it. Newsletters can be quarterly, monthly or weekly, just try to maintain a consistent schedule.

If your business is feeling the need to be frugal these ideas are a way to start. The key to successful self-advertising is to be consistent and keep up with it. One blitz of passing out flyers is not going to cause your business to be rolling in dough, but staying on top of steady advertising will make people remember that you do exists.

Have any cheap advertising ideas? Let us know what you do to save your business money!