Buying Christmas gifts for family members is hard enough and now you have to buy something for your staff members too!gifts

Whether you want to give everyone the same gift across the board or make each one a little more personalized here are a few ideas:

Gift Certificates – Gas cards, restaurants, grocery stores.

Cash bonus – Everybody loves cash and it may be tax deductible (ask your accountant the proper way to handle this)

Food – Turkeys, hams, assorted boxes of chocolates, popcorn tins (remember to consider any dietary restrictions)

Extra paid time off – Many staff members would love an extra couple of days off around the Holidays

Fun for a day – Have everyone bring a dish and play games, chat and take the day to just goof-off

Christmas dinner – Invite your staff members and significant other to a special Holiday dinner. Alcohol is always optional

Logo items – Shirts, coats, mugs filled with candy

Trolley Ride – Get everyone on board and travel the city to see the Holiday lights

Any of these items should be followed with a personalized note of gratitude for their services from you No matter what you are able to afford your gift will be welcomed if it is accompanied by a sincere note of appreciation.