Do you feel like your meetings just don’t seem to be effective anymore? Maybe it’s time to start keeping score.

A meeting scorecard is almost like an agenda without the detail. Your meeting scorecard should have the topics that need to be discussed at every meeting and each department should have updates. Please see below for an example.

So what is the point of a meeting scorecard? How can this help you? The meeting scorecard can help your meetings stay on track by keeping score of key items that need to be discussed, if everyone is in attendance and on time and if everyone stayed on topic. If your meeting seem to veer off into items that are not on topic than keeping score may help.

Points are accumulated by each category (see below). I like to keep the points at 5 or 10 per item and the total should add to 100 for easier use.

Meeting Scorecard 










You can arrange your scorecard any way that tailors to your company.