JohnnyWhere did the time go? Why don’t I have time to do the things I want to do anymore?

Sound familiar? It probably does if you’re a small business owner.

Small business owners often forget about finding themselves a little piece of sanity in the large responsibilities of building their dreams. Often times it what makes us fail.

Here is a list from other small business owners on how they stay sane while trying to maintain their small business.

  • Create clear boundaries (Family / Business, Pleasure/Work, Your own office etc.)
  • Create a weekly and daily routine (Days of week to do stuff)
  • Don’t obsess about stats, analytics, hit counts etc.
  • Don’t get lost in all of the advice available, trust your instincts
  • Get away from the computer and the business, exercise and look after yourself
  • Write things down so you don’t forget them
  • Cultivate other interests outside the business, nourish your mind
  • Remember why you are doing this in the first place (freedom, wealth etc.)
  • Do one thing every day to move your business forward in a small way
  • Reevaluate your vision and mission. It is important to remind yourself of the core purpose and reason for starting your business. Sometimes as busy business professionals we can lose focus.
  • Re-access your business or marketing plan. Often times business owners can get off track and miss core steps in implementation, development and the overall achievement of the goals and objectives set forth during start-up. While it is essential to adopt new business processes it is as equally essential to access what has worked well in the past, continue those processes and evaluate how you can improve.
  • Network Network Network … connect with like-minded business professionals, share ideas and form partnerships that will assist in growth and continued development.
  • Be sure to have processes & procedures in place before signing the first client or you will never have enough time to set things up correctly.
  • Outsource the tasks that you are not an expert in to a Virtual Assistant. They can save you time by doing Internet research, bookkeeping set up, social media profiles and more.
  • Remember to laugh, but not too much. People may think you have lost your sanity.

What are your ideas and games plans for staying sane? We would like to know!