If you are like me, you may dream of having just an extra hour each day to do ________________.  You fill in the blank.

What would you do with an extra 60 timetimeminutes?

Fill in the next three lines because if you know what you would spend an extra hour each day doing.  Maybe it is being with your family, or writing, or exercising, or maybe you have the new project that will change your world. Just write down the top three things.





So what does 15 minutes have to do with finding an hour?  Just for the next two weeks, schedule two 15 minutes periods of time each day separated by at least 4 hours that will be used to “get ready to get it done” time. What this time will not be for:

  • Answer email
  • Return phone calls
  • Take a break

This is a time to do something for your future time.

  • If you want to spend time writing, spend the time getting the materials together, creating a space.  In these 15 minute periods you may or may not complete a something, but you are setting the path to get busy.
  • If you want to spend more time with family or a hobby, use these two times to clean up little projects that haunt you when you go to home.  The first step might just be creating a list that schedules all the little things that pile up on your desk.
  • If you have a big work project, identify all the little things that need to be completed and get them scheduled into your calendar.

After doing just this for two weeks, you may be surprised at all the time you see on the horizon.  Next week, sustaining a “fix”.  What do you plan to do with your extra time?