Today I want to share a few things about myself and why I have partnered with Changing Lanes, LLC. My name is Jeff Mendelsohn, by profession I am a web designer/developer but that doesn’t describe what I truly do. What I really do is help businesses do what they do better. I create web sites and printed media so a business can market themselves better. So they can share their knowledge and get their message out there. I develop web applications so businesses can server their customer and clients better or so the business can run better. I love to create things that help people. I love sharing ideas and my knowledge. I love helping people achieve their dreams and become successful by creating/giving them tools and educating them on how to use those tools. That is what I do.

Back in 2001/2002 I was introduced to Linda because I was friends with her son, Carl. At the time I worked with Carl (and Tiffiny). On an off conversation, I expressed interested that I wanted to start a business but didn’t know where to start. By that time I had been doing personal web sites for about two years, I felt confident that I could create/update other people’s websites. Carl told me to go see his mom, Linda. He said that she helps start-ups and does business coaching. So I did and in March of 2002 Linda helped me start my own business. From that moment on I’ve worked with her. She has become my friend, my business coach, my client, my mentor and now my business partner.

I joined Linda’s business because she does the same thing I do. She helps businesses become successful through real world processes, education, and tools. She does this in a different way than I do, but at the end of the day the goal is the same. To help businesses do what they do better.

What Linda brings to the table is years of practical, real world business consulting and financial experience. What I bring is the expertise to translate that over to the Internet. A good business match if you ask me. But we were missing something or rather some one.

That someone was Tiffiny Fayerweather. She was my manager at one of my first jobs. But more importantly she has been my friend since 1998. Business wise, Tiffiny is unique. She has a knack for office management. Simply put she knows how to organize an office and create processes that will help make a business run smoothly. She bring the piece that sees a business from the employee side.

We aren’t here to be just another business consulting firm. Our focus is on helping your business become an asset to you. Something that we call “Saleable”. To us, a saleable business is a business that is running at peek performance. The business is self-sufficient and sustainable. It will run with or without you and still make you money. The term saleable comes in because it can be sold at any moment and you as a business owner will be able to get the most money for it. It doesn’t mean you are going to sell your business. It just means that your business is running as efficiently as it can. It is a fantastic way of looking at a business. A way that we hope to share with you through everything that we do.

Today starts a new chapter for Changing Lanes. A chapter that I am lucky enough to share with Linda and Tiffiny. So to start off this new chapter, my question to you this week is, what can we do to help your business?