This week I got a reminder from a good business friend about the selling process that I want to share with everyone. A few lessons are from my friend and few are from me.

  • When writing a proposal or when talking about a service/product, start from the beginning and address the immediate issues. For example, if I’m quoting a new web site that will replace their current web site but that current web site has issues, such as old or bad information  and will be active for a few weeks while we are building a new site, those issues could be fixed. They should be addressed first.
  • When writing a proposal, include an overview. Example:
    1. Update current website by removing old events and bad contact information.
    2. Design and launch new website.
    3. Design and launch new email newsletter.
    4. Add eCommerce to website.
  • Don’t undercut your price. You know what your product/service should cost. If your product/service is actually worth it, your proposal spells it out, and you can deliver. Your customer will never think twice about the cost.
  • If you are being recommended by another trusted client. You already have a solid foot in the door. There is a good chance the potential client already likes your service/product based on what you have done for your current client.
  • If your product or service meets or exceeds your client’s expectations, there is a really good chance your new client will keep coming back to you.
  • Arrange an in-person meeting to go over the proposal. It will allow you to gauge your potential client’s reaction, address any issues, and ask the important question, how they are feeling about the proposal? And remember always have your contract ready.
  • Selling is not about making money, its about building a relationship between your client and your business. If that relationship is good, the money will come.

These were some good lessons learned this week. Thankfully, I didn’t have to learn them the hard way. Take my lessons into consideration and please share some of your selling lessons with me. Email me or comment on this post.