This past week I came across a blog post on Shopify. It contained 12 TED talk videos that were meant to inspire fellow Entrepreneurs/Wantrepreneurs. The one that stuck out for me the most was Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action. It really struck a nerve with me. In the video Simon talks about the Golden Circle when it comes to a business. The picture is three circles inside each other  “Why, How, What”. He goes on to say most people (in terms of an employee and/or customer) know What they do, some people know How they do it, and very few people know Why they do. Very few people know Why they do what they do because most companies communicate from the outside in. They are busy saying what they do.”We make computers… we make soft drinks… we do this… want to buy it!”

It is when a company communicates from the inside out, that’s when they become more successful. I won’t go into too much more detail because it is a very good video that I suggest you watch.

It really got me thinking about Changing Lanes and Liquid Mechanix Studio. I know why we do what we do. For Changing Lanes, we want to help people build successful strong businesses. Even deeper than that is we want to help people build a better class of businesses. A business that people will look up to and inspire to be like. But do we actually say that and do you actually know that? Doubt it, I think most people just know what we do.

I suppose this article is calling us out but I don’t want Changing Lanes or Liquid Mechanix Studio to become just another mediocre business. Nor do I want your business to be mediocre. So hopefully like the videos did for me, it will also inspire you to do something great with your business.