It is 11:50pm, I should be in bed but I’m sitting on Facebook scrolling through my newsfeed reading a few comments here and there. I looked at the clock again. 11:55pm. Why am I not in bed? What is so important about the posts on Facebook that I need to read them right now? or ever? It hit me, there is nothing important about them at all. I closed Facebook and went to bed. It has been about 5 days and I haven’t been on Facebook. What? That’s Crazy. Why would I or any one do something like that?

I realized that I was spending about 20-30 minutes a day on Facebook, which compared to some people that is not a lot of time at all. But that’s time I could be updating a website or working on my business in some way. Something that is going to help me build my business. Reading posts on Facebook wasn’t helping me build my business. So I stopped.

I’ll admit it has been a little difficult and I’m not totally sure why. I don’t read most of the status updates or care too. I don’t play games. I rarely post anything. I think it is just the fact that checking Facebook has been a routine for so long that not checking it every day feels weird.

Will I stop using Facebook totally? Probably not, I still use it to keep in contact with a few friends and I need it for Changing Lanes. I will, however, change how I use it. Maybe instead of checking it daily, I will check it weekly. Maybe I’ll find some thing that posts to Changing Lane’s Facebook without actually going on Facebook. I don’t know yet, I still have to break the habit. Once I do and Facebook is out of my routine it will be hard justifying putting it back in.

Cutting out/down on Facebook has made me reevaluate what else in my life is a huge time waster. It is time for some changes!

This week take a moment and ask yourself “What in my life is a waste of time?” Once you have figured out what is wasting your time, what are you going to do about it? Please share your time wasting activities in the comments below.