This past month has been very frustrating to say the least. Excuse my venting for a moment, but not much has gone according to plan lately. First the logo I’ve been working on for a client just isn’t coming out right. Moving my clients to a new hosting server has proven very time consuming. I haven’t made much progress on several projects I’ve been working on. I haven’t been able to articulate myself very well on some content I’ve been trying to write for my new website. Then to top it all off the last few sales I’ve tried to make crashed a burned. /End venting.

It just seems lately that no matter what I try to do it never works out right or it turns into a huge mess. I would be fine if it was one or two things but it seems like pretty much every major project I have going is a disaster. *sigh. Then I stopped myself. Yes, things have been frustrating lately but some good has come out of it and I know if I just power through it, in the end I will be much better off.

So what, the logo design hasn’t been going well. But I learned a few new tricks with design and manipulating text in Photoshop.

Yeah, the server move has taken months instead of a week. But I’m on a server that is 100x better and with a new provider that will be with me for the long run. Sure there have been some problems but now I know the setup better than ever.

As far as the projects, yes, I want them done now but any progress is good progress. Taking it slow has actually helped me plan out a few things a little better.

Although the content for my site has been driving me up a wall. It has made me think a lot about what my business is really about, what makes me different, and what I want my business to be.

Not making the sale sucks. Grant all of them wanted a $3000 website for $500 but a good salesman should be able to sell and umbrella to a raincoat salesman. I’ve learned that I need to create better sales material to articulate exactly what I’m doing. Which by the way, isn’t magic.

So even though my business life lately has been frustrating, when I look at it from a different point of view it really isn’t all that bad. Reminding myself of the good that I am getting out of a situation helps keep me going. So the next time your life is frustrating, take a moment to look at the good things. I bet you will be surprised at what you will find.