Everyone has the same opportunities and the same opportunity to become successful and financially independent. It is true that some people might have a better start, such as they come from money or know someone that gave them a leg up on the competition but in the end your dream is just as achievable as any one’s. It is just a matter of how hard you want to work and the choices you make on the journey to reach that dream.

It is the choices we make that usually drive our failure. We are afraid of rejection so we don’t ask for a chance. We don’t believe in ourselves so we under cut our prices or don’t charge enough. We don’t know how to do something so we give up. We focus on the long term goal and forget to make short term goals. Those long term goals seem so overwhelming that we give up. We have a dream to own a business or provide a service but make excuses everyday as to why we can’t work on those dreams or fill our time with meaningless garbage like watching TV, playing on Facebook, etc. We are afraid of change and uncertainty so we keep our 9-5 job and only put minimal work into our business, giving up when we see it go no where. Or we become so accustom to a lifestyle that leaving the 9-5 job would mean giving up that lifestyle.

But we all have the same opportunities. My time is my own and what I choose to do with that time will decide if I reach my dreams or not.  I can choose to sit in front of my TV for most of the night or I can spend that time working on my business. I can choose to sit in the office while I eat my lunch or I can go meet with potential clients. I can continue with my lifestyle or I can create a lifestyle that will help me achieve my dreams. That is my choice.

I have the same opportunities as any one. I can start a business just as much as the next person. I can create a product or service. I can find investors. I can go to manufactures and get the product made. I can build my business. I can give up when the first person says no or I can move on to the next who might say maybe, and the next who might say yes. That is my choice.

Don’t ever think that some one else has a better opportunity than you. You are the one in control of your own time and life. Make your own opportunities.