1. Sunday – Back up your computer.
  2. Monday – Contact Someone You’d Like to Work With/Meet/haven’t talked to in a while.
  3. Tuesday – Instead of getting up and checking emails, take an hour to start a project you have been too busy to start.
  4. Tuesday – Don’t use Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/etc all day.
  5. Wednesday – Outsource something.  Hire Finding Time, to go to Reddit For Hire, oDesk or Elance and hire someone to do some work you have been putting off.
  6. Wednesday – Take a break, go for a walk/bike ride, do something to blow off some steam.
  7. Thursday – Turn off your email and your phone in the morning so you can get things done.
  8. Friday – Hit up YouTube and search for tutorials on software you use on a regular bases. Watch a few to learn some new things.
  9. Friday – Go out to a restaurant you have never been to before.
  10. Saturday – Clean up your office then make a plan for the next week.