When it comes time to hire someone, sometimes it is hard to tell who is actually truthful on their resume when it comes to experience and knowledge. After all, some one can write anything on their resume. Here is a good way to figure out if someone is lying.

When it is time to have an actual interview with the: 

  • Ask them to tell you some of the problems they have faced in their field and how they worked through them.
  • Ask follow up questions for more detail on parts that seem fishy or glossed over.

For most people if they didn’t actually do the work, their story will probably fall apart at some point. They might miss details, gloss over certain parts, or just not be able to answer your follow up questions.

This isn’t meant to be a vindictive process by putting pressure on and backing the candidate into a corner until they crack. It is meant to figure out if the person is being honest about their experience but also if how they think and work through problems is in line with how your business functions.