goalsIt is June and I thought to myself, lets see how I’m doing on my goals. Apparently better than I thought but also worse. I’ve failed to do or complete about 28% of my personal goals. The worst part is I’ve failed to do 75% of my business goals. But before I get all depressed about all these unfinished some goals, lets look at why they are unfinished.

First let’s start with some good news on the personal side. I’m still on a budget and that is going well. It is mostly under control and I’m really getting a handle on what we are spending. Next, I’m still taking one day a week for me to do something fun or at least non work related. I feel less stressed and feel like I have a nice work to life balance going. I wanted to start playing piano again but for some reason picked my guitar back up AND have been playing it 1-3 times a week. Which is an acceptable compromise. I have two goals that I’ve been working on each month and as long as I continue, they will be completed by the end of the year. Which is good. The rest of my goals are not going as well.

My Fiancée and I are still doing a date night twice a month but it ends up usually being dinner. Not exactly the idea of date night but between work and a few other things going on that’s just how it works out. But it isn’t a complete failure. We just need to look for other things to do besides go out to eat and I need to stop not wanting to cook. My workout goals like date night, haven’t completely failed either. I had to take a month and a half off due to an injury but I’m back at it and making even better gains. So I might actually complete my 2014 goal. The rest of my personal goals have been complete failures so far.

I wanted to complete some projects around the house. Although I’ve done a bunch of other projects, I haven’t done the projects I should get done. I haven’t bought any more stocks either. Mainly because I have a love hate relationship with the stock market and can’t find any stocks I actually like. It also looks like we won’t be going on vacation this year. At least not during the summer.

My business goals have not fared very well. I’ve done two of my seven goals. The one still isn’t completely done but at this moment it is out of my hands. The other is completed and I am very happy about it. But both of those goals were easy and I knew they won’t take very long. As for the other goals, the main reason I haven’t started them is my first goal for the year, our Software as a Service project isn’t finished. It is the most important goal and really the only goal that matters but it is taking a lot longer than I anticipated. When the SaaS project is done, it moves into beta testing, then it will be launched and then continual work. So really it will never be done. I am always going to have more to do on it.

With that thought I figured I should review my goals. I realized that the rest of my business goals don’t matter in comparison to SaaS. For Saas to succeed effort needs to be put into that instead of anything else. Even though the other goals are in line with my overall business goals. Those goals will take away from the more important goal, SaaS, and will side track the path to completely the overall goals. So I guess at the end of it all I have three goals this year. One is completed, one is in waiting, and the third is being worked on. As for the other four, they have been cut.

Remember, just because you made up some goals at the beginning of the year doesn’t mean you have to follow through. It is good to reevaluate your goals every few months to see if you are still on track, if they are still in line with your overall business goals, or if they need to be adjusted. Sacking four of my goals doesn’t feel like a cop out. After working on our SaaS for 5 months this year, this is the idea and goal that needs to be completed.

Let us know how your goals for 2014 are going. What have you completed? What has failed? Leave a comment below!